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Singapore to hold general elections amid pandemic
cegoh / Pixabay
Singapore to hold general elections amid pandemic

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced Tuesday that Singapore will hold a general election. Nomination day will be on June 30, and voters will head to the polls on July 10.

The current government is at the end of its five-year term, and elections must be held by April 2021 at the latest under the Constitution.

The prime minister stated that Singapore is now in a stable position, although COVID-19 will continue to be present “for at least a year and most probably longer.” There is no guarantee that the pandemic will be over by April 2021. Holding an election while Singapore is in a stable condition “will clear the decks, and give the new Government a fresh, full, five-year mandate.”

To protect voters’ safety, the Elections Department will be implementing additional precautions, such as more polling stations, safe distancing measures and specific voting time slots. Candidates can still campaign in person, as long as they observe safe distancing precautions.

South Korea, Taiwan and other European countries have also held elections during the COVID-19 pandemic.