Louisville police officer fired over Breonna Taylor killing
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Louisville police officer fired over Breonna Taylor killing

The Louisville, Kentucky, police officer who killed Breonna Taylor was fired Tuesday.

Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman, was shot eight times and killed after police mistakenly entered her home. Officer Brett Hankison, responsible for firing 10 rounds, was placed on administrative leave following the incident along with two other officers.

In a termination letter posted on Twitter, the chief of police wrote that Hankison’s actions showed “extreme indifferen[ce] to the value of human life.” Further, the shots fired were through covered patio doors and windows, which would have “prevented [him] from verifying any person as an immediate threat.” Taylor’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit following her killing, with claims including excessive force.

Worldwide protests emerging after the death of George Floyd have also increased pressure on the Louisville Department to have greater police accountability. The LMPD have confirmed that they will change how police department’s carry out search warrants.