China, India military officials agree to deescalate border tensions
PIRO4D / Pixabay
China, India military officials agree to deescalate border tensions

The Chinese and Indian militaries have reportedly agreed to “lower the temperature” along their disputed border region and may even begin withdrawing troops. Tensions had been rising sharply since a violent clash in the reports have persisted that China may have suffered as many as 43 casualties. The mountainous terrain also allegedly drove the skirmish into brutal close quarters and hand to hand combat.

In a press confrence on Tuesday Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian confirmed that “On June 22, Chinese and Indian border troops held a second round of commander-level talks in the border area.” He went on to add that “The holding of the talks shows that both sides hope to properly handle differences and manage and ease the situation through dialogue and consultation.” He concluded by stating that both sides “had an in-depth and candid exchange of views on outstanding issues in border management and control and agreed to take necessary measures to lower the temperature,” and that they had “agreed to keep up dialogue and work together for peace and tranquility on the ground along the border.”

However, when questioned about reports that the Indian Army had confirmed that the two sides had agreed to disengage their troops in the region, Lijian stated that he could comment any further on the details of the talk. He also stated that reports claiming China had lost 40 soldiers were “false information.”

Reports also suggest that the Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe will attend Russia’s Victory Day parade in Moscow this Wednesday. Considering the announcement that Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will also be in attendance, it is believed that the ceremony will be used as a meeting between the two ministers as well as an opportunity to engage in further diplomacy.