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Dutch court allows government to roll out 5G
Free-Photos / Pixabay
Dutch court allows government to roll out 5G

The Hague Court ruled against anti-5G activists on Monday, allowing the Netherlands to roll out 5G nationwide.

Stop5GNL, a foundation that aims to protect and promote the health of Dutch residents in general and in particular in connection with electromagnetic fields, sought to prohibit the Netherlands from promoting or enabling the roll-out of 5G at least until the Health Council’s report on the possible health risks in relation to 5G is released in July 2020.

The government argued that it is aligning its policy with reports from experts who must be considered to have been properly prepared, and the reports do not justify blocking the roll-out of 5G. The government believes that exposure guidelines will not be exceeded. In addition, the government has explicitly stated that it can and will intervene if in future measurements by the Telecom Agency, the government organization that regulates radio frequencies in the country, show that the guidelines are or will be exceeded.

The court concluded that there is no reason to intervene.