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Amnesty report shows global decrease in death sentences
WikiImages / Pixabay
Amnesty report shows global decrease in death sentences

Amnesty International released a global report on the judicial use of death sentences and executions Monday, finding that death sentences decreased worldwide last year. The report includes 20 countries and covers January to December of 2019.

Overall, confirmed executions decreased by 5 percent from 2018. In 2019 there were approximately 657 executions. Amnesty explained this number is the lowest recorded number of confirmed executions in the last 10 years.

There were notable reductions of confirmed executions in Egypt, Japan and Singapore. Conversely, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan and Yemen increased in executions.

Compared to 2018 records, executions reduced significantly in Egypt (from 43+ to 32+), Japan (from 15 to 3) and Singapore (from 13 to 4). In contrast, executions increased significantly in Iraq (from 52+ to 100+), Saudi Arabia (from 149 to 184), South Sudan (from 7+ to 11+) and Yemen (from 4+ to 7).

Amnesty indicates the report does not include executions in countries like China, where data and information is classified and unavailable.