Trump administration issues new guidelines to combat COVID-19 spread News
Photo Credit: Stephanie Sundier
Trump administration issues new guidelines to combat COVID-19 spread

The Trump administration issued updated guidelines to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in a press conference on Monday.

The new recommended measures include avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people, engaging in distance learning when possible, avoiding discretionary travel, and avoiding bars, restaurants and public food courts. State Department health official Dr. Deborah Birx reemphasized that people who are sick should remain home. She also reiterated that if one person in a house is sick, everyone should stay home. President Donald Trump did not impose a national quarantine or curfew, but acknowledge that the restrictions may remain in place until July or August, if not longer. Trump also acknowledged that the US may face a recession due to the impact the restrictions may have on the economy.

Trump called for governors to close schools, bars, restaurants, gyms and other locations that generally contain a large number of people if they see evidence of community transmission. School closures have already been enacted in some states and large metropolitan areas.

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