Supreme Court to close until further notice due to COVID-19 News
MarkThomas / Pixabay
Supreme Court to close until further notice due to COVID-19

The US Supreme Court announced that beginning on Thursday, at 4:30 PM, it will close until further notice over concerns for health and safety amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Court briefly announced on its website that it will remain open for “official business” but case filing deadlines will not be extended under Rule 30.1. Cases may continue to be filed electronically until the Court reopens. Likewise, lectures and programs held at the court will be suspended.

This will be the first disease-related Supreme Court closure since the Capitol Building closed in response to the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918.

Following the Supreme Court’s announcement, several other courts closed. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia announced on Friday that it, as well as the District and Bankruptcy courts, are restricting access only to those with “official business.” Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Canady issued an order Friday to suspend “[a]ll grand jury proceedings, jury selection proceedings, and criminal and civil jury trials … through March 27, 2020.” New Hampshire Superior Courts suspended trial proceedings for 30 days and canceled all report dates between March 13 and April 13.