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House approves revised COVID-19 bill, sending it to Senate
Photo credit: Stephanie Sundier
House approves revised COVID-19 bill, sending it to Senate

The US House of Representatives passed a revised version of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Monday with unanimous consent. The resolution will now be sent to the Senate to be considered for a vote as the government attempts to manage the COVID-19 outbreak.

The revised emergency coronavirus relief package outlined technical corrections to the original bill that was introduced in the House on March 11, 2020. The bill intends to address the impacts that COVID-19 is having on Americans. The benefits in the bill include provisions expanding unemployment benefits and guaranteeing all Americans can get free diagnostic testing for the coronavirus.

The revised bill consists of changes that would only allocate paid family and medical leave to parents who are affected by the shut down of their minor children’s care facilities and schools

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