German Federal Minister of the Interior bans far-right organization for its racism and anti-Semetism News
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German Federal Minister of the Interior bans far-right organization for its racism and anti-Semetism

Federal Interior Minister of Germany Horst Seehofer dissolved and banned the “United German Peoples and Tribes” organization, as well as its sub-group “Osnabruck Landmark” on Thursday for its racism and anti-Semitism.

Minister Seehofer stated:

We are dealing with an association that disseminates racist and anti-Semitic writings and thus systematically poisons our free society. Verbal militancy and massive threats to officials and their families also testify to the anti-constitutional stance of this association. We are fighting the right-wing extremism relentlessly even in times of crisis. We don’t have a millimeter of space in our society for racism and anti-Semitism.

400 officers searched homes of the 21 leading club members in 10 federal states, seizing firearms, baseball bats, propaganda, and narcotics.

The United German Peoples and Tribes organization is a sub-group of the larger “Reichsburger” (“Citizens of the Reich”) group. The Reichsburger reportedly grew 56% last year, and increased its total membership from 15,600 to 19,000 people, 1,200 of whom own firearms legally.

The Reichsburger believes that the 1871 borders of the German empire established by then-Chancellor Otto von Bismark still apply today, and the group does not recognize any German government since the Nazi regime. The group generally denies the Holocaust, believes the current German government is a US colony, and many members believe Jews control the world.

Though often dismissed as radicals, the Reichsburger became increasingly violent in recent years through acts such as the murder of a Georgensgmund policeman. Bavaria – where the town of Georgensgmund is located – is home to 3,500 Reichsburger members. The group plans for “Day X,” the imagined day of uprising against the German government. Though disorganized, the Minister and security forces fear the group’s readical nature and propaganda will inspire “lone-wolf” attacks.

“Right wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism are being relentlessly combatted even in times of crisis,” Ministry spokesman Steve Alter tweeted.