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Canada PM announces economic measures to help Canadians affected by COVID-19 pandemic
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Canada PM announces economic measures to help Canadians affected by COVID-19 pandemic

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced additional economic measures on Wednesday to help Canadians affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic. These measures build on actions that have been taken since the beginning of the outbreak.

As part of the Canadian government’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, up to $27 billion will be used in direct support of workers and businesses. Additionally, $55 billion will be used through tax deferrals to “help stabilize the economy.”

Measures to be taken include temporarily boosting child benefit payments, delivering almost $2 billion in extra support. There will also be an emergency care benefit to provide for workers who must stay home to care for sick family members and do not have paid sick leave. Additionally, the government will provide targeted support for vulnerable groups. This includes $305 for a new Indigenous Community Support Fund, as well as up to $50 million to women’s shelters and sexual assault centers. These are only a few of the actions that the government is taking to help those affected by the pandemic.

As stated in the news release:

Canadians should not make health decisions based on their financial needs. As the situation continues to evolve, further measures will be announced to support Canadians, stimulate the economy, and protect peoples’ jobs and livelihoods.

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