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US Senate approves Iran War Powers Resolution
mostafa_meraji / Pixabay
US Senate approves Iran War Powers Resolution

The US Senate voted 55-45 to approve SJRes 68 Thursday, ordering the removal of any troops engaged in hostilities against Iran.

Section 1 paragraph 7 of the Resolution states: “The question of whether United States forces should be engaged in hostilities against Iran should be answered following a full briefing to Congress and the American public of the issues at stake, a public debate in Congress, and a congressional vote as contemplated by the Constitution.” As such, any military action against Iran, with the exception of defending against an imminent threat, violates the War Powers Resolution from 1973. According to the War Powers Resolution, the President cannot commit American military forces to hostilities without Congressional approval.

The House passed a version of SJRes 68 in response to the assassination of an Iranian general ordered by President Donald Trump in January.