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Trump administration sued over abortion billing regulation
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Trump administration sued over abortion billing regulation

Planned Parenthood of Maryland and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit Tuesday to block a Trump administration rule they claim is designed to make insurance companies stop covering abortions.

According to the filing, the Separate-Billing Rule will lead to an increase in premiums, narrow what is covered by health insurance plans and inadvertently cancel parts of people’s health insurance plans without telling them. They claim this goes directly against the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

They further object to a blanket opt-out policy for abortion coverage that will be part of the rule despite never being mentioned when the rule was originally proposed. This is a direct violation of the ACA which does not allow opt-out policies.

The rule is set to go into effect on February 25 and will be implemented by June 27. The plaintiffs are asking the court for injunctive relief to prevent the final rule from going into effect.