Pakistan Attorney General resigns amid pressure from bar council
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Pakistan Attorney General resigns amid pressure from bar council

Pakistan’s Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan resigned Thursday after facing pressure from lawyer associations over controversial statements about the supreme court bench.

The controversial statements were expunged from court records. Khan reportedly made the statements while representing the federal government in a case against Justice Faez Isa before the supreme court. Isa is on trial for allegedly not disclosing his foreign properties on his taxes.

After Khan made the statements, the court demanded that he produce evidence to support the statements and if he cannot produce the evidence, that he issue an apology to the court. Following these controversial statements, the Pakistan Bar Council demanded that Khan resign.

Khan said in his resignation letter,

Being a life member of Karachi Bar Association, Sindh Bar Association and the Supreme Court Bar Association, and having previously served as the Advocate-General Sindh, the Attorney-General for Pakistan and a judge of the High Court of Sindh, I stand with my brothers and colleagues at the Bar and I wish to reaffirm my faith in the highest principles of integrity and professional excellence that the Pakistan Bar Council has always stood for.