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Nissan files $90 million lawsuit against Carlos Ghosn
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Nissan files $90 million lawsuit against Carlos Ghosn

Nissan filed a USD $90 million lawsuit against former chairman Carlos Ghosn in the Yokohama District Court on Wednesday.

Nissan claims that the suit comes “as a result of years of misconduct and fraudulent activity” by Ghosn. The corporation based the $90 million in costs upon “corrupt practices,” including Ghosn’s private use of corporate jets and payments to his sister. Nissan is also asking for costs associated with its internal investigation of Ghosn.

This lawsuit follows multiple charges of financial misconduct against Ghosn in Japan. He was arrested in 2018 for alleged financial misconduct related to suspicion of violating a financial law. In January 2019 a Tokyo District Court rejected his request to be released from detention. Ghosn was released in 2019, only to be rearrested in April 2019 on additional financial charges. He fled to Lebanon in December, following a brief release on bail.
Ghosn has stated that he is innocent of wrongdoing.