Trump signs act to combat robocalls News
JESHOOTS-com / Pixabay
Trump signs act to combat robocalls

The White House announced Monday that US President Donald Trump signed S 151, the Pallone-Thune Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act (Pallone-Thune TRACED Act), into law.

The Pallone-Thune TRACED Act authorizes the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to issue additional civil penalties for intentional violations of restrictions on the use of automated telephone equipment.  The FCC was also directed to require voice service providers to offer call authentication technologies.

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham stated: “American families deserve control over their communications, and this legislation will update our laws and regulations to stiffen penalties, increase transparency, and enhance government collaboration to stop unwanted solicitation.”

As part of the act, the FCC is required to publish a report on private-led efforts to trace the origin of suspected unlawful robocalls and the participation of voice service providers in these efforts. This report is to be published within a year after the law’s enactment, and it will be available on the FCC website.