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Trump administration urges Supreme Court to uphold Louisiana abortion law
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Trump administration urges Supreme Court to uphold Louisiana abortion law

The Trump administration filed an amicus brief of Friday asking the Supreme Court to uphold a Louisiana law that requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals.

The law, Louisiana Act 620, would leave only one abortion clinic in the state. Opponents of the law argue that the law significantly restricts pregnant women’s access to abortions, while supports say that the law ensures that

The case in question is June Medical v. Gee. The district court held that the law was “facially unconstitutional” because “the medical benefits which would flow from Act 620 are minimal and are outweighed by the burdens.” However, the Court of Appeals reversed the decision because it did not affect “a large fraction of women.”

President Donald Trump joins more than 200 members of Congress in urging the Supreme Court to uphold the Louisiana law. However, the Trump administration does not go as far as the brief from the members of Congress in calling for the Supreme Court to overrule Roe and Casey.

While the brief from Congress argues that largely that the tests to evaluate an abortion law are confusing and must be reexamined, the Trump administration brief argues that the appropriate parties do not represent the interest of women impacted by the Louisiana law and that the benefits of the law do outweigh any burdens that the law might create.

In the brief the Trump administration states, “The burdens of Act 620 are minimal—principally, a modest increase in the waiting time (less than an hour) to obtain an abortion. The benefits described above are more than sufficient to justify that burden.”

The justices are expected to hear arguments this spring and make a decision by June.