Trump administration announces additional sanctions on Iran News
mostafa_meraji / Pixabay
Trump administration announces additional sanctions on Iran

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced additional sanctions on Iran Friday.

Pompeo said the US government’s intent is to intensify its economic sanctions upon Iran after Iran’s recent attack on US troops in Iraq. He also explained that the US will continue to attack Iran’s sources of revenue until Iran stops its “terror plots and campaigns of mayhem across the region.”

The US government initially imposed economic sanctions on Iran via Executive Order 13876 in June, approximately a year after the US unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal. These sanctions consisted of freezing all Iranian assets that were in the US or were within the possession or control of any person in the US, of prohibiting all financial help from foreign and US financial institutions to Iran, and of suspending entry of Iranian government officials and their allies into the US.

The US government then imposed sanctions upon Iran’s oil and metal industry, and now, they are imposing additional sanctions, which consist of the US government blacklisting eight senior Iranian leaders and targeting new sectors of Iran’s economy, including its construction, manufacturing, textiles and mining sectors.

President Donald Trump is expected to issue an Executive Order authorizing the imposition of sanctions on these additional sectors shortly.