Supreme Court to hear Trump tax return cases News
skeeze / Pixabay
Supreme Court to hear Trump tax return cases

The US Supreme Court agreed on Friday to hear the question of whether President Donald Trump will be required to disclose his tax returns and financial records.

Arguments will be heard during the March 2020 session. The petition for certiorari followed a ruling by the 2nd Circuit ordering Trump’s accountants to comply with subpoenas issued by the District Attorney of the County of New York.

The Court consolidated Trump v. Mazars USA from the DC Circuit and Trump v Deutsche Bank AG from the Second Circuit. The consolidation follows a writ of certiorari in Mazars, and an application for a stay of proceedings in Deutsche Bank. The Court granted an emergency stay on the Mazars case in late November, and a stay on the Deutsche Bank case earlier this month.

Depending on when the House votes on the articles of Impeachment that the Judiciary Committee approved Friday, and if the House votes to impeach Trump, the Senate trial may end up coinciding with the Court’s March 2020 session.