Supreme Court to rule in Google-Oracle copyright dispute
skeeze / Pixabay
Supreme Court to rule in Google-Oracle copyright dispute

The US Supreme Court granted review for four petitions from its private conference on Friday, including a copyright dispute between Google and Oracle.

Google v. Oracle is a copyright case involving computer code. In this case, Google used “prewritten libraries” of code for the Java platform to develop its Android platform. The primary question in this case is “whether copyright protection extends to a software interface.”

In the consolidated cases of United States v. Briggs and United States v. Collins, the question before the court is whether the statute of limitations for rape charges against members of the armed forces applies charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice between 1986 and 2006. The Uniform Code of Military Justice during this period did not have a statute of limitations.

In Walker v. United States, the court will decide whether a criminal offense that could be committed recklessly can be a “violent felony” under the Armed Career Criminal Act. The sentencing for felons who have committed crimes involving guns is extended if they have been convicted three or more times of violent felonies. In this case, the plaintiff argues that a prior conviction of robbery is not a violent felony because he could have been convicted of robbery had he recklessly caused the injury.

The cases will likely be argued in the spring.