Massachusetts legislature cracks down on e-cigarettes
lindsayfox / Pixabay
Massachusetts legislature cracks down on e-cigarettes

The Massachusetts Senate passed legislation regulating e-cigarettes on Thursday. The regulation bans the sales of flavored e-cigarette products and levies a 75 percent excise tax on e-cigarettes. If signed into law by Republican Governor Charlie Baker, it will be the strictest regulation on e-cigarettes in the country.

E-Cigarette use has greatly increased, especially among young people. National concern about the issue has risen as dozens of people have died attributed to e-cigarette use and hundreds have become sick with lung ailments.

In September the governor declared a Massachusetts public health emergency and issued a temporary ban on e-cigarette products set to expire in December. In October a vapor industry trade group attempted to file an injunction on the ban but was overruled.

The sponsor of the bill, Massachusetts State Senator John Keenan tweeted: “This legislation will officially tell Big Tobacco their days of hooking young people in Massachusetts are over.”