Germany makes measles vaccinations compulsory for children
whitesession / Pixabay
Germany makes measles vaccinations compulsory for children

Germany lawmakers approved the Measles Protection Act on Thursday, making measles vaccinations compulsory for children.

In 2018 there were 12,352 reported cases of measles throughout Europe. There were 544 reported cases of measles in Germany. In 2019 there have been 501 cases reported in Germany by mid-October.

Even though 97.1 percent of first-graders have received the first vaccination, there are major regional differences in the number of children receiving the second vaccination. At the federal level, the desired quota of 95 percent has not been reached.

All children entering school are required to have the measles vaccine recommended by the Standing Committee on Vaccination. All children already in school must provide certifications of their vaccinations before July 31, 2021. Parents who do not vaccinate their children will be subject to a fine of up to € 2,500.

The Public Health Service will also carry out voluntary vaccinations at schools.