FBI releases 2018 hate crimes report News
ValynPi14 / Pixabay
FBI releases 2018 hate crimes report

The FBI released its annual hate crimes report for 2018 on Tuesday.

The largest motivation behind 2018 hate crimes were the victim’s race, ancestry and ethnicity, which made up 59.6 percent of the crimes in 2018. However, the total tally of hate crimes decreased by 55, totaling 7,120 for 2018.

The report was created using¬†agencies throughout the country: “The UCR Program’s Hate Crime Statistics Program included 16,039 participating law enforcement agencies in 2018. These agencies provided 1 to 12 months of data about bias-motivated crime.”

In terms of religious bias, the highest number of hate crimes occurred against members of the Jewish Community, with 57.8 percent of incidents relating to Anti-Jewish sentiment. Within the LGBTQIA community, 59.8 percent of attacks were based upon an anti-gay male bias, and 157 attacks were against members of the transgender community. Most of the hate crimes attacks were against individual victims, with 81.9 percent of attacks targeting specific citizens.

Finally, within the area of race and ancestry 46.9 percent were motivated by an anti-African American bias.