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Bolivia president resigns amid election fraud allegations
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Bolivia president resigns amid election fraud allegations

Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned on Sunday and left for Mexico on Monday amid violent protests following the release of an audit by the American Organization of States, which found “irregularities” in the October election. Morales was granted political asylum by Mexico as protests between his supporters and the opposition party continued after his resignation.

Protests have been occurring in Bolivia ever since Morales’ third re-election, even though the Bolivian constitution permits only two five-year terms. Morales is the country’s first native president and originally ran in 2006 on a socialist platform. However, questions about his dedication to the working people of Bolivia arose as he fought to stay in the office of the president.

Morales’ vice president and other successors to the presidency have all resigned. The senate’s second vice president Jeanine Anez has announced that she will temporarily control the senate until a new election can be held, so long as the congress approves it.