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British MP’s propose bill to prevent no-deal Brexit
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British MP’s propose bill to prevent no-deal Brexit

A group of British members of Parliament proposed a bill Monday to prevent Prime Minister Boris Johnson from exiting the EU without a negotiated deal that they plan on bringing for a vote on Tuesday.

The text of the bill, titled the European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill of 2019, was released on Twitter by Labour MP Hilary Benn of Leeds. The bill has broad support from both the Labour party representatives and a number MPs from Prime Minister Johnson’s own Conservative party. The defection of the Tory MPs is potentially enough to assure passage of the bill, and attempts by the Johnson government to reign in the defecting Members have been unsuccessful according to a report by BBC. The bill is largely seen as a response to Johnson’s move last week to suspend the current Parliamentary session until late October.

The bill requires Johnson to seek an extension for the EU withdrawal deadline if a negotiated withdrawal agreement isn’t approved by Parliament by October 19. In addition, it requires Johnson to accept any deadline extension granted by the EU unless Parliament expressly rejects it. The current deadline is October 31, set after Parliament passed a similar bill in April that forced then-Prime Minister Theresa May to seek an extension for the deadline. The MPs backing the bill will apply to take control of the House of Commons Tuesday afternoon in an effort to present the bill to the body for a vote. Usually the schedule of bills to be considered is set by the Government, requiring the private MP’s to win a majority vote to bring their own bill to the floor.