Amnesty accuses Hong Kong Police of torture News
carloyuen / Pixabay
Amnesty accuses Hong Kong Police of torture

Amnesty International on Friday demanded an investigation based upon findings of human rights abuses including torture by the Hong Kong Police.

Amnesty’s report focuses specifically on police brutality during arrests stemming from recent mass protests. “Interviews of arrested persons and lawyers by Amnesty International show that police violence most commonly occurred before and during arrest. In several cases, detained protesters have also been severely beaten in custody and suffered other ill-treatment amounting to torture.”

Amnesty reports that the physical abuses have been administered in response to verbal statements: “In multiple instances, the abuse appears to have been meted out as ‘punishment’ for talking back or appearing uncooperative.”

There was also documentation by the organization of unlawful arrests of protesters by Hong Kong police over the recent months.

Amnesty’s report comes after UN human rights experts stated their concerns over the brutality earlier this month. The majority of these abuses occurred during protests against proposed legislation to allow extradition of citizens to mainland China, which has since been withdrawn.