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Connecticut governor signs gun safety bills into law
Jabbacake / Pixabay
Connecticut governor signs gun safety bills into law

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed several bills into law Tuesday, including three bills on gun safety.

PA 19-5 (Ethan’s Law), states that no person may keep a gun on a premises where a minor may have access to it, where a resident is ineligible under either state or federal law to possess a firearm, and where a resident poses an imminent risk of personal injury to either themselves or others. The act also includes an exception: a firearm may be kept on the premises if it is securely locked in a box or is carried on their person. Violation of this Act is a class D felony. This bill was created in memory of a teen who accidentally shot and killed himself with a loaded firearm that was found at a friend’s house.

PA 19-6 addresses so-called “ghost guns,” preventing individuals from manufacturing, selling, delivering, purchasing or possessing partially completed weapons. Violation of the Act is a class C felony, which has a minimum sentence of two years.

PA 19-7 is in regards to storing a firearm in a vehicle. If the vehicle is unattended, the gun must be stored in either the trunk, a locked glove box or a locked safe. There are several exceptions for officers and government workers who are licensed to possess a firearm. Violation of this Act is a class A misdemeanor for a first offense and a class D felony for any subsequent offense.

These new laws come into effect on October 1.