Texas House approves religious freedom bill News
tpsdave2 / Pixabay
Texas House approves religious freedom bill

The Texas House on Monday approvedSB 1978, “relating to the protection of membership in, affiliation with, and support provided to religious organizations.”

The bill was proposed to the Senate three months after the San Antonio city Council voted to ban Chick-fil-A from the airport due to anti-LGBTQ statements and actions. The proposed bill seeks to protect religious freedoms and to ensure that the government does not discriminate in giving contracts, grants, loans etc.

The bill has passed in the House. Jf the Senate approves of amendments/changes that were made to it, the bill will continue to the Governor, and if signed, will be passed into law.

There has been opposition from Democratic members, as well as from LGBTQ identifying representatives. They argue that the bill is disguised as protecting religious liberty when it is a “bill of hatred.”