Taiwan parliament legalizes same-sex marriage News
nancydowd / Pixabay
Taiwan parliament legalizes same-sex marriage

The Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the country’s parliament, approved a bill Friday legalizing same sex-marriage in the country.

In May 2017 the country’s highest court, the Judicial Yuan, mandated that the country legalize same-sex marriage within two years. However, a non-binding referendum held in late 2018 showed widespread resistance to marriage equality. Nevertheless, the Legislative Yuan approved the bill with a 67-22 vote on Friday, becoming the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage and the thirty-first country in the world to recognize same-sex partnerships.

The bill provides for marriages between Taiwanese partners of the same sex, but only permits limited adoption rights. In a statement made to the BBC, Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan leader Jennifer Lu said that the bill was a great step forward, but “still not full marriage rights; we still need to fight for co-adoption rights, and we are not sure about foreigner and Taiwanese marriage, and also gender equality education.”