Nevada governor signs two criminal justice reform bills News
jraffin / Pixabay
Nevada governor signs two criminal justice reform bills

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak on Wednesday signed two bills, restoring felon voting rights and sealing records related to decriminalized offenses.

Assembly Bill 431 grants convicted felons the right to vote immediately after release from prison or discharge from parole or probation. Felons will not have to undergo a waiting period or further conditions to restore this right. The bill will apply retroactively and, as a result, some 77,000 state residents will be able to register to vote on July 1 when the legislation takes effect.

Assembly Bill 192 is a complementary measure, facilitating the sealing of minor marijuana convictions and other decriminalized offenses. The bill specifies that ‘decriminalized’ refers to “an offense [that] is no longer punishable as a crime as the result of enactment of an act of the Legislature or the passage of a referendum petition or initiative petition.” This bill will be of significant consequence for people convicted of marijuana possession more than a decade ago, when it was previously classified as a felony in Nevada.

Sisolak stressed the positive effects these bills will have on communities of color, tweeting that his “two criminal justice reform bills [] will restore fairness and justice to thousands of Nevadans. [He’s] so excited about the positive impact these bills will have on [these] communities.”