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Canada Senate passes gun regulations
Canada Senate passes gun regulations

Canada’s Senate voted 55-33 Tuesday to approve strict gun legislation.

The bill enhances background checks, requires firearms retailers to keep records of sales for 20 years, and requires police-licensed handgun owners to get permission from police to transport their police registered firearms to police approved gunsmiths or face criminal charges. It also would be a crime for licensed gun owners to transfer, sell or give a firearm to another licensed gun owner without permission from police.

Canadian shooting champion Allan Harding expressed his displeasure about the bill in a tweet to Senator Don Plett, a conservative senator who led the opposition to the bill and has also been tweeting his own reactions to the bill.

The bill now goes before Her Excellency the Right Honourable Governor General Julie Payette for ceremonial royal assent. Some sections of the bill will take effect immediately after enactment and others will take effect upon dates to be determined by the governor in council.