US House votes to reinstate net neutrality rules News
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US House votes to reinstate net neutrality rules

On a near party line vote, Congressman Mike Doyle’s (PA-18) Save the Internet Act passed Congress Wednesday.

The Act addresses the rollback of regulations by the Federal Communications Commission surrounding net neutrality. Net neutrality gives equal access to users of the internet and prohibits internet service providers from prioritizing access based on content. The bill also expands consumer data protections, broadband to underserved areas, and access to service for people with disabilities.

Critics of the bill say that it increases government regulation and could result in government domination of the internet. Greg Walden, ranking Republican on the Energy & Commerce Committee, tweeted: “Their solution is not net neutrality. Net neutrality does not require government takeover of the internet.” 

The bill appears unlikely to pass the Republican controlled Senate, and the Trump administration has already assured a veto.