UK House of Commons rejects no-deal Brexit
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UK House of Commons rejects no-deal Brexit

The UK House of Commons voted on Wednesday to reject exiting the EU without a deal in place. The vote had a margin of 43, with 321 voting in favor of the measure and 278 voting against the measure. The vote is not legally binding.

The measure was amended by a vote of 312-308 to specify that the UK can never exit the EU without a deal. A proposed amendment to allow for more time for a no-deal exit was rejected by a vote of 164-374.

The House of Commons rejected the latest Brexit deal in a vote on Tuesday. The UK is scheduled to exit the EU on March 29. Without any other plans approved by both the UK House of Commons and the EU 27, the default will require the UK to exit the EU on March 29 without a deal.

The House of Commons voted to extend the Brexit deadline on Thursday. The extension was approved by a vote of 412-202. The delay must still be approved by the EU. If a deal is approved by the House of Commons by March 20, the UK will request an extension until June 30. If no deal is approved, a longer delay may be requested.

The UK Parliament passed the Brexit bill in March 2017. UK citizens voted in support of a referendum calling for the UK’s exit from the EU in June 2016.