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Federal judge blocks Kentucky fetal heartbeat abortion law
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Federal judge blocks Kentucky fetal heartbeat abortion law

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order on Friday preventing state officials from enforcing Kentucky’s newly passed fetal heartbeat abortion law.

The bill, passed with an emergency declaration attached, would have been set to take effect immediately upon receiving a signature by the governor. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed the bill into law on Friday after issuing a statement condemning the proposed challenges.

This was one of two measures recently passed and aimed at restricting women’s abortion access. The other, House bill 5 (HB5), also involves an emergency declaration for immediate enactment. The measure seeks to prohibit abortion if the decision to terminate a pregnancy was due to the sex, race, nationality or a diagnosis of a disability in the fetus. It is currently awaiting signature by the governor.

The ACLU of Kentucky is also seeking a temporary restraining order against HB5.

Tennessee and Georgia are considering similar bills, known as “heartbeat bills,” which would limit access to abortion services.