Trump signs order encouraging AI development
sujins / Pixabay
Trump signs order encouraging AI development

US President Donald Trump on Monday signed the American AI Initiative, an executive order that directs federal agencies to prioritize investments in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development.

The order cites the “paramount importance [of] maintaining the economic and national security of the United States and [of] shaping the global evolution of AI in a manner consistent with our Nation’s values, policies, and priorities.”

The initiative is distilled into five primary principles:

  • Support of US led technical breakthroughs that promote “scientific discovery, economic competitiveness, and national security.”
  • Development of technical and safety standards across technologies and sectors.
  • Creation of a current and future AI capable workforce via AI-relevant skill development and automation.
  • Development of public trust and confidence while protecting civil liberties and privacy.
  • Promotion of open markets for American AI while protecting strategic innovations from competitors.

The order delegates responsibility for this initiative to the National Science and Technology Council Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence. It further provides various deadlines for implementation and budget review.

This focus on AI is intended to increase safety and productivity for American workers, and it also aims to improve the general quality of life in the US. Because AI applications are far-reaching, extending from biometrics to healthcare diagnostics to autonomous transport and beyond, there is a broad scope for potential advancements.

American competitiveness in the AI economy has recently been challenged at the international level. Similar funding initiatives and development plans for AI innovation have already been established by several countries, including France and China.