Israel Cabinet approves law allowing export of medical marijuana News
herbalhemp / Pixabay
Israel Cabinet approves law allowing export of medical marijuana

The Israeli Cabinet approved a law Sunday to allow for the export of medical marijuana.

The law, which passed the Knesset last month, provides for Israeli companies to export medical marijuana with an appropriate license. The licenses will be issued by the Minister of Health with an appropriate recommendation from the police and a committee designed to review such applications. Anyone found to violate the terms of the license will be fined NIS 75,000 (USD $19,887) or serve up to 24 months imprisonment.

The law was supported by a number of Israeli agricultural companies who have set up operations similar to pharmaceutical companies for the production of medical marijuana. These companies are enforcing strict growing and quality control procedures to maintain their product. Israel’s climate makes it an optimal location for the growth of cannabis plants.

Some critics fear that this move may lead to more domestic consumption of the drug, but the Israeli government believes this could bring in over NIS 1 Billion in tax revenue through appropriate regulation and enforcement.