UNSC condemns attacks on Ebola-stricken areas in DRC
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UNSC condemns attacks on Ebola-stricken areas in DRC

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution Tuesday condemning attacks by armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Resolution 2439 documents particular concern for the plight of Ebola-stricken areas in the African nation. Citing concerns for government and independent armed groups in the region, the resolution calls for a cessation of violence in the region so humanitarian groups may have better access to the region. As a result, such groups would be safer an free to deliver aid to the region.

The resolution identifies the country’s government as the most important key player in this crisis. It states that the government is in the best position to bring an end to the fighting and address the Ebola issue.

The resolution also stresses the importance for the international community to remain vigilant in support of the victims. It praises the leadership of the World Health Organization and its work in the region.