UN rights experts urge Italy to combat anti-migrant policies News
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UN rights experts urge Italy to combat anti-migrant policies

UN Human rights experts on Wednesday said Italy’s proposed tightening of immigration rules will have a serious impact on migrants’ lives and urged the government to reverse course.

According to the experts, the proposed Decree-Law on Immigration and Security, which is likely to be passed later this month, lowers protection standards, infringes constitutional and human rights guarantees and exacerbates social tension on migration. The law also restricts the System of Protection of Asylum Seekers and Refugees (SPAR), a network of small-scale decentralized reception projects, by excluding asylum seekers and persons holding humanitarian protection status from care.

The UN experts acknowledge the immigration challenges Italy faces but says that does not justify violations of human rights. “The government must adhere to the values enshrined in the Italian constitution, and the international commitments it signed up to.”

The experts warn that exclusive policies leads to “social tensions and to more insecurity.”

Removing protection measures from potentially thousands of migrants and limiting their ability to regularize their stay in Italy will increase their vulnerability to attacks and exploitation. They will be at greater risk from traffickers and other criminal groups, and many will have no means to meet their basic needs through lawful means.

The experts have contacted the government about their concerns and await a reply.