Poland Supreme Court judges return from forced retirement News
Kamyq / Pixabay
Poland Supreme Court judges return from forced retirement

Several Supreme Court Justices in Poland returnedto court on Monday after the Court of Justice of the European Union ordered Poland to immediately suspend the application of the provisions of national legislation relating to the lowering of the retirement age for Supreme Court judges.

Twenty-three of the court’s judges were forced to retire in July after a new law took effect that lowered the retirement age for justices to 65 from 70. The EU referred Poland to the Court of Justice in September.

Supreme Court First President Malgorzata Gersdorf, who classified the judicial reform as a “purge of the Supreme Court conducted under the guise of retirement reform,” was among the judges who reclaimed their posts.

She said the court’s order was a win for the judges .

Margaritis Schinas, spokesman for the European Commission, the EU’s executive body stressed the need for continuing dialogue with Poland’s government over the judiciary overhaul.