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Chevron settles claims for violating Clean Air Act
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Chevron settles claims for violating Clean Air Act

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Wednesday that Chevron has agreed to settle with the federal government and Mississippi for claims regarding violations of the Clean Air Act.

The settlement will require safety improvements at all of its petroleum refineries across the US to prevent “accidental releases of hazardous chemicals that can have serious consequences for public health and the environment.” To that effect, Chevron will spent “$150 million to replace vulnerable pipes, institute operating parameters and alarms for safer operation, improve corrosion inspections and training, centralize safety authority within the corporation, conduct a pilot study of safety controls for fired heaters, and make other safety improvements at all its domestic refineries.” Additionally, it will pay $2.95 in civil penalties.

The federal government and states continue to focus efforts for environmental reform. Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh announceddecision of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) [official website] to deny Maryland’s petition for relief for emissions from out-of-state plants contributing to ozone problems in Maryland. In August the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration formally unveiled plans to rollback fuel economy standards previously aimed at bringing cars and small trucks to 50 miles per gallon by 2025.