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Audi fined over $900 million in Germany over emissions
Pexels / Pixabay
Audi fined over $900 million in Germany over emissions

Audi AG announced on Tuesday that it has been fined €800 million (USD $926 million) in Germany for emissions failures.

The fines were leveled by the Munich II public prosecutor. Of the total fine, €5 million is from negligent regulatory offences, and the remaining €795 million is from disgorgement of economic benefits. The fines also took into account vehicles sold in the US and Canada that had “impermissible software function” starting in 2004.

Audi has stated that it will not appeal the fine and “admits its responsibility for the deviations from regulatory requirements.” Audi also stated that the fines will cause significant impacts on their fiscal year forecasts for 2018.

The fine is the latest in a series of fines and lawsuits against Volkswagen and Audi after the revelation that the companies had been cheating emission tests. The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld a $10 billion settlement against Volkswagen in July. In January 2017 10,000 British motorists filed a class action lawsuit against Volkswagen. In September 2016 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen for misleading customers. A law firm in Germany filed a €3.255 million lawsuit against Volkswagen in March 2016, alleging a breach of duty to the capital market.