Pakistan court suspends Nawaz Sharif’s prison sentence
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Pakistan court suspends Nawaz Sharif’s prison sentence

The High Court of Islamabad on Wednesday ordered  the release of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, suspending his prison sentence.

Bail was set at 500,000 rupees. The suspension is to remain in place until a final adjudication is made regarding an appeal [JURIST] filed by Sharif in July.

This is the latest development regarding multiple corruption charges against the former prime minister. A similar prior petition for appeal for suspended sentence by Sharif before the High Court of Islamabad was denied. Allegations of corruption have forced [JURIST] Sharif from the political spotlight.

The Republic’s National Accountability Bureau (NAB) [official website] has been responsible for bringing allegations of corruption against Sharif. The NAB is listed as the interested party against Nawaz in these court proceedings. The charges are related to Sharif and his family’s foreign holdings. The Bureau was established in 1999 as part of the National Accountability Bureau Ordinance [text]. The NAB is the highest ranking agency in Pakistan charged with eradication of corruption.