Open Society Foundations takes Hungary before Europe rights court News
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Open Society Foundations takes Hungary before Europe rights court

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations [advocacy website] announced on Monday that it has filed [press release] a suit in the European Court of Human Rights [official website] against Hungary over “Stop Soros laws.”

The laws enacted in Hungary include “a 25 percent tax on funding for any activities and organizations that promote or positively portray migration” and making it illegal for “individuals or civil society organizations to support asylum or residence applications.”

Open Society Foundations is accusing Hungary of violating freedom of expression and association. The laws are also accused of being overly broad, which could have wide ranging effects. Hungary is accused of attempting to silence dissenting voices with the latest laws targeted towards civil society groups. Open Society Foundations has previously announced in May that it would be closing its Budapest office due to the “hostile political and legal environment.”

Hungary enacted a law in April 2017 that required [JURIST report] foreign universities in Hungary to also have campuses in their own country, which would have resulted in Soros’ Central European University to leave the country. The EU announced [JURIST report] it would open a legal assessment into the law later that month. Earlier this month the EU announced [JURIST report] that it would enact measures against Hungary for eroding democracy and failing to uphold EU fundamental values.