Members of New Mexico compound indicted
LSC / Pixabay

Members of New Mexico compound indicted

Five members of a New Mexico compound were indicted [indictment, PDF] Tuesday by a federal grand jury on possession of firearms and conspiracy charges.

The indictment alleges that the defendants created a training camp in their Amalia, New Mexico, compound to prepare minors for planned violent attacks on public institutions.

The defendants moved from Georgia to New Mexico in December, illegally transporting firearms and ammunition in the process. Law enforcement found [KOB report] guns and 11 malnourished children at the compound during their search for a missing boy.

US Magistrate Judge Kirtan Khalsa [official profile] told [Reuters] the defendants that they were a danger to the community during their arraignment hearing.

Each defendant faces [NPR] a maximum of five years in prison but one will face an additional 10 years and deportation if she is found guilty of possessing a firearm.