Amnesty calls for postponement of vote on Kavanaugh nomination

Amnesty calls for postponement of vote on Kavanaugh nomination

Amnesty International [advocacy website] wrote a letter [text, PDF] to US senators on Monday asking them to postpone the vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh [SCOTUSblog profile].

Amnesty wants to halt the vote [The Hill] on Kavanaugh’s nomination until information regarding his alleged involvement with human rights violations post 9/11 are disclosed to the public.

Amnesty’s Executive Director Margaret Huang wrote:

Amnesty International takes no position on the appointment of particular individuals to government positions, unless they are reasonably suspected of crimes under international law and could use their appointment to the position in question to either prevent accountability for these crimes or to continue perpetration. At the same time, the organization calls on governments to thoroughly vet candidates in regard to any human rights concerns arising from their prior conduct.

The human rights organization believes that a thorough investigation into Kavanaugh’s record of human rights needs to be conducted. They also want the government to look into sexual assault allegations that were recently made against him.

Amnesty does not interfere with the appointment of government positions unless there is a reason to believe that the nominee is guilty of crimes under international law.