UN rights experts urge end to human rights abuses in Bahrain
12019 / Pixabay
UN rights experts urge end to human rights abuses in Bahrain

A group of independent UN human rights experts called [report, PDF] upon Bahrain to end human rights violations and investigate events surrounding the State of National Safety declared in 2011.

The experts warned against military courts exercising jurisdiction over civilians and discrimination based on gender, gender identity and ethnicity. The report called for abolishment of the death penalty and torture of prisoners. The report also advocated for freedom of expression, religion, assembly and association.

The UN commission commended Bahrain for taking measures to better investigate such abuses and for establishing a National Institution for Human Rights. The kingdom has initiated measures to combat human trafficking, initiatives to encourage advancement for women and agencies to assist the disabled. To execute these duties, the kingdom relegated the tasks to independent government-based commissions. At the same time, the commission criticized the government for not granting enough autonomy and independence to these agencies.

The island kingdom of Bahrain has faced a history of human rights criticisms, including for restrictions freedom of expression, freedom of the press and use of the death penalty [JURIST reports].