Sports betting becomes legal in New Jersey
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Sports betting becomes legal in New Jersey

Four days after the New Jersey legislature passed Assembly Bill 4111 through both houses, Governor Phill Murphy signed the bill into law [offical announcement] on Monday. Starting Thursday, the state will implement sports betting in licensed casinos and racetracks.

According to the announcement, New Jersey expects to raise approximately $13 million in the first full year on sports betting.

In the announcement, Murphy said,

Today, we’re finally making the dream of legalized sports betting a reality for New Jersey. I’m thrilled to sign Assembly Bill 4111 because it means that our casinos in Atlantic City and our racetracks throughout our state can attract new business and new fans, boosting their own long-term financial prospects. This is the right move for New Jersey and it will strengthen our economy.

The governor’s signature marks the end of a six-year legal battle of New Jersey fighting for sports betting starting in 2012 [JURIST report]. In a JURIST column last year, Drake University Law Professor Keith Miller explained the journey sports betting [JURIST op-ed] took to get to the Supreme Court. Earlier this month Professor Glenn Smith of the California Western School of Law discussed [JURIST op-ed] three reasons why the Supreme Court ruling on sports-betting is noteworthy.