Former FBI deputy director files lawsuit against DOJ
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Former FBI deputy director files lawsuit against DOJ

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe filed a lawsuit [complaint, PDF] on Tuesday alleging that the Department of Justice [official website] has repeatedly refused to provide him with documentation justifying his firing.

The lawsuit alleges that the Office of the Inspector General [official website] has refused to make the inspector general manual available for public review, refused to provide it and denied access to it otherwise. The suit also alleges that the FBI and DOJ have refused to disclose specific FBI policy guidelines that provide reasoning for his termination.

According to McCabe, his termination was improper, a violation of federal law and FBI policies, and the DOJ is refusing to provide him with the policies and procedures which state otherwise out of “fear that disclosure … of the documents at issue will place [it] and others at risk in any proceedings brought against them by Mr. McCabe.” The complaint further states that the DOJ’s refusal to turn over these documents is impeding McCabe’s ability to bring further suits.

The suit is demanding the documents be provided under the Freedom of Information Act [text].

McCabe was fired [The Hill report] in March. McCabe, almost immediately after his firing, stated [NBC News report] that his firing was a part of a long list of attacks against his credibility by the Trump administration.