Supreme Court agrees to hear four new cases
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Supreme Court agrees to hear four new cases

The US Supreme Court [official website] added [text, PDF] an additional four new cases to its docket on Monday, ranging from preemption of a state ban on uranium mining to allowing for attorney’s fees in social security claimants’ cases.

In Virginia Uranium v. Warren [cert. petition, PDF], the court agreed to decide when federal law trumps state law in terms of an important nuclear-safety question.

In Jam v. International Finance Corp. [cert. petition, PDF], the court will decide whether international organizations have the same immunity as foreign governments under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act [text, PDF].

In Royal v. Murphy [cert. petition, PDF], the justices will decide whether Congress disestablished a reservation of the Creek Nation in Oklahoma, giving Oklahoma the power to prosecute the defendant in a capital case. Justice Neil Gorsuch will be recused from the case due to his participation while serving as a judge on the Tenth Circuit.

Finally, in Culbertson v. Berryhill [cert. petition, PDF], the court will decide on the rules that govern attorney’s fees for those who represent individuals seeking Social Security Benefits.