Illinois House approves gun control legislation

Illinois House approves gun control legislation

The Illinois House of Representatives [official website] on Wednesday approved three bills to tighten gun control.

HB1467 [materials] would criminalize selling, manufacturing, purchasing, possessing or carrying a bump stock or trigger crank that would allow non-automatic rifles to be used as automatics once attached.

HB 1468 [materials] would criminalize assault weapons and creates six different criteria to identify what is considered an assault rifle. The amendment includes any: rifle with belt fed ammunition; a semi-automatic rifle than can accept a detachable magazine; a semi-automatic pistol than can a detachable magazine; a semi-automatic rifle with a fixed magazine that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition; a semi-automatic shotgun with a scope, revolving cylinder, fixed magazine capacity, and ability to accept detachable magazine; and a .50 caliber rifle capable of firing a .50 caliber cartridge.

Finally, HB 1465 [materials] would penalize any person who sells assault weapons to person 21 years or younger, while also penalizing anyone 21 or younger who possesses an assault weapon.

The legislation next goes before the Illinois Senate.