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Turkish court releases Amnesty chairman
Turkish court releases Amnesty chairman

A court in Istanbul released the chairman [AI report] of Amnesty International Turkey’s, Taner Kılıç, Amnesty International said Wednesday.

Kılıç was among the “Istanbul 10,” a group of 10 human rights activists based in Istanbul who were arrested last summer by the Turkish government.

Kılıç was accused of association with the Fethullah Terrorist Organization, to whom the government attributes the failed 2016 coup against the state. The Turkish government claimed Kılıç downloaded the app, ByLock onto his phone. The prosecution claimed ByLock was used as a messaging program by members of the Gulen terrorist organization. Two subsequent independent investigations commissioned by Amnesty International on Kılıç’s phone indicate no record of him downloading ByLock. Last month the government released 11,480 detainees, stating they were wrongfully accused of downloading ByLock.

Prior to his release, Kılıç remained in jail for eight months, and his release is conditioned on bail.